How much of an impact do we really have on the environment? Thanks to the data provided by the Global Footprint Network anyone can calculate their individual ecological footprint as well as see how regional footprints compare around the world. With climate skepticism growing nearly as fast as the CO2 buildup in our atmosphere, it is imperative to use real data and accurate analyses to debunk false assumptions.

Using d3, I created an interactive dashboard to display a compelling argument against climate-change skeptics, deniers or agnostics alike. The dashboard allows for comparison between regions or countries and displays individual impact using various visualization techniques. The ecological footprint(actual impact) is visualized in conjunction with biocapacity(theoretical max a region/country can sustain). Clearly, the ecological footprint exceeds biocapacity meaning we are using much more than the Earth can withstand. So to all those that remain indifferent about climate-change, check out the dashboard because the data does not lie!

Posted October 16, 2017 by Lance Fernando

Last year at the IEEE Visualization 2016 conference, we organized a workshop on the Pedagogy of Data Visualization. The rationale behind organizing the workshop was to share the innovative practices that instructors had developed to teach data visualization in the classroom.

The workshop was well attended and as a result of the workshop, we conducted a survey to get the course information for the attendees who were willing to share that information. As many of us prepare to teach this upcoming semester, we figured this list of individuals and their respective courses would be useful to you.

NameAffiliation:Links to course homepage(s):
Hanspeter PfisterHarvard UniversityVisualization
Robert S LarameeSwansea University Data Visualization
Michael Gleicher/Alper SarikayaUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonData Visualization
Angela ZossDuke UniversityData Visualization Workshop
Eytan AdarUniversity of MichiganInformation Visualization
John StaskoGeorgia TechInformation Visualization
David KoopUMass DartmouthData Visualization
Jim FoleyGeorgia TechInformation Visualization
Amit ChourasiaUCSDData Visualization
Marian DörkUniversity of Applied Sciences PotsdamInformation Visualization
Andy JohnsonElectronic Visualization Lab / U of Illinois at ChicagoVisualization and Visual Analytics
Penny RheingansUMBCData Visualization
Alex Godwin Georgia Tech UniversityIntroduction to Information Visualization
Posted January 31, 2017 by Alark Joshi