Pedagogy of Data Visualization
Workshop at IEEE VIS 2017 • October 1st, 2017 • Phoenix, AZ


Leveraging Peer Review in Visualization Education: A Proposal for a New Model
By Alon Friedman and Paul Rosen

Worksheets for Guiding Novices through the Visualization Design Process
By Sean McKenna, Alexander Lex, and Miriah Meyer

Visualization Education Through Social Impact: A Service-Learning Approach for Visualization Pedagogy
By Michelle Borkin, Zirui Yan, Britton Horn, Lisa Roe, and Becca Berkey

Experience and Guidance for the use of Sketching and low-fidelity Visualisation-design in teaching
By Jonathan Roberts, Panagiotis Ritsos, and Christopher Headleand

Teaching Image Processing and Visualization Principles to Medicine Students
By Christina Gillmann, Thomas Wischgoll, Jose Tiberio Hernandez, and Hans Hagen

Blending tools for a Smooth Introduction to 3D Geovisualization
By Laura Tateosian and Payam Tabrizian

On Teaching Narrative Infographics in an Information Visualization Course
By Marti Hearst

Exploring Important and Difficult Concepts to Learn in Information Visualization
By Camilio Vieira, Paul Parsons, and Vetria Byrd