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Below you can find various short and long posts regarding lab activities.

Pedagogy of Data Visualization Workshop

Posted Tue Jan 31 2017 by Alark Joshi

Last year at the IEEE Visualization 2016 conference, we organized a workshop on the Pedagogy of Data Visualization. The rationale behind organizing the workshop was to share the innovative practices that instructors had developed to teach data visualization in the classroom.

The workshop was well attended and as a result of the workshop, we conducted a survey to get the course information for the attendees who were willing to share that information. As many of us prepare to teach this upcoming semester, we figured this list of individuals and their respective courses would be useful to you.

Name Affiliation: Course Homepage(s):
Hanspeter Pfister Harvard University Visualization
Robert S Laramee Swansea University Data Visualization
Michael Gleicher/Alper Sarikaya University of Wisconsin-Madison Data Visualization
Angela Zoss Duke University Data Visualization Workshop
Eytan Adar University of Michigan Information Visualization
John Stasko Georgia Tech Information Visualization
David Koop UMass Dartmouth Data Visualization
Jim Foley Georgia Tech Information Visualization
Amit Chourasia UCSD Data Visualization
Marian Dörk University of Applied Sciences Potsdam Information Visualization
Andy Johnson Electronic Visualization Lab / U of Illinois at Chicago Visualization and Visual Analytics
Penny Rheingans UMBC Data Visualization
Alex Godwin Georgia Tech University Introduction to Information Visualization

Spring 2017 Lab Meetings

Posted Tue Dec 13 2016 by Sophie Engle

We will hold weekly lab meetings in Spring 2017 every Thursday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm in LS 103.

Everyone (even those with little to no visualization background) are welcome to attend, but will be expected to participate. This includes participating in project discussions, presenting and discussing papers, and participating in visualization contests.

Spring 2017 Courses

Posted Mon Nov 28 2016 by Sophie Engle

We will be offering the following courses during the Spring 2017 semester:

  • CS 360 Data Visualization
    Sophie Engle • MWF 2:15pm–3:20pm • LS 307

  • CS 486/686 Special Topics: Human Computer Interaction
    Beste Yuksel • TR 12:45pm–2:30pm • LS 307

As usual, you may also approach any of us to participate in a directed study if you are interested in visualization research.

New USFCS Faculty Positions

Posted Thu Oct 20 2016 by Sophie Engle

The Department of Computer Science is now hiring for two Assistant Professor positions: a tenure-track position (heavier research load) and a full-time renewable position (heavier teaching load). All CS sub-disciplines will be considered!

The @USFCS department is a diverse and growing community with 10 full-time faculty members, over 200 undergraduate CS majors, and over 50 masters students. While we are growing, the CS department maintains small class sizes with 30 or fewer students, project-based learning, and a high degree of student-teacher interaction. Several faculty members are NSF funded and collaborate with institutions in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.