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Below you can find various short and long posts regarding lab activities.

Spring Courses

Posted Wed Dec 02 2015 by Sophie Engle

We will be offering the following courses on visualization and/or graphics during the Spring 2016 semester:

  • CS 360 Data Visualization
    Sophie Engle • MWF 2:15pm–3:20pm • HR 235

  • CS 384/694 Research Seminar in CS
    Alark Joshi, Sophie Engle • M 1:00pm–2:05pm • LS 307

  • CS 686-01 Special Topics: Computer Graphics
    Alark Joshi • TR 12:45pm–2:30pm • LS G12

As usual, you may also approach any of us to participate in a directed study if you are interested in visualization research.

Welcome to VGL!

Posted Sat Nov 07 2015 by Sophie Engle

Welcome to our new lab website! We will use this website to highlight some of the latest data visualization and graphics research going on in the department, and to coordinate activities between the many faculty and students collaborating on projects.