Visualization Internship Opportunity

Posted Tue Sep 06 2016 by Sophie Engle

We have a unique paid part-time internship opportunity on collaborative visualization technologies. The internship will be located at an industry research lab in the SF Bay Area, and students will collaborate closely with both the Visualization and Graphics Lab and the industry research lab.

This position is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students must already know JavaScript and want to work with both front-end and back-end technologies. Students will be held to a high standard and must be self-motivated independent workers with excellent written and oral communication skills. Experience with data visualization and D3.js is preferred. Students will be expected to sign a non-disclosure agreement before beginning the project.

Email your 1 page cover letter and 1 to 2 page resume by September 16th in PDF form to with the subject "VGL Visualization Internship" to be considered. In your cover letter, indicate you are applying for the visualization internship and highlight your qualifications. This is a professional opportunity; your materials should have no grammatical errors and formatting inconsistencies.

We have multiple open positions. Please apply for only 1 position and indicate this position in your cover letter.