ACM Speaker Series

Posted Wed Sep 07 2016 by Sophie Engle

ACM will kick off their first talk of the ACM speaker series on September 15th at 11:45am in G12. Kan is an expert in the field of exploratory data analysis and the talk is aimed for all computer science students. Please mark your calendars. Pizza will be provided before the talk so come early!


Introduction to Fast Exploratory Data Analysis Experience with R and Visualization


R is arguably the best analytics platform in the world that is open-source with more than 9000 packages and is growing rapidly. But it's hard to start and be productive if you are not programmers. Exploratory ( is a desktop app that provides a simple and easy to use interactive data exploration environment where users can quickly access R's analytic power and visualization to explore various data ranging from files, databases, to NoSQL, and find valuable insights in a reproducible and collaborative way.


Kan Nishida (@KanAugust), co-founder/CEO of Exploratory. Prior to Exploratory, Kan has 20 years of experience in building products and solutions in Big Data, Analytics, BI, and Data Visualization fields, at Oracle.